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With the sudden and unexpected death of Anthony Bourdain this week it was once again brought home that no matter what one’s life circumstances are or appear to be on the surface, even the most unlikely of individuals can carry with them an intolerable weight and sadness.

To the world, this man lived a life that most of us can only dream of. He was the ambassador of food and travel.  Through his worldwide adventures he brought incredible stories to his viewers. His approach was far more than a travelogue or a culinary show, his was a story of the people, the communities, the authenticity of a unique and diverse world.

By breaking bread and swilling a vast array of beverages Anthony Bourdain was able to create camaraderie, a kinship with the people he visited which translated through to those that watched from the comforts of home. He appeared to be genuinely fascinated by everything, and everyone he came in contact with and this passion flowed through to the viewer.

Like others, however, this passion was not enough to carry him through his pain. Did people around him know, did they try to help, did they understand the challenges that would bring him to his decision to end his life? It is not something we will ever likely have answers to.

There is none among us that do not carry a tremendous burden. Some are better able to cope, some are better able to bury their challenges.  Individually we cannot fix the world but we can try to lighten the load of others. It can be as small as a kind word or even a smile, a thoughtful gesture or an offer of assistance.

I am not going to forget the passing of this travel industry leader and partner for a long time, but I am going to use him as a reminder to be a kinder and more compassionate to others.

There was an excellent video this week on a convocation speech by CNN Anchor Jack Tapper to the graduating class of UMASS AMHERST. His words seem most seems fitting to include here. It was a powerful and simple message, BE KIND, BE RESPECTFUL, MEAN IS EASY, THE HARD HEARTED ARE COMPENSATING. .Perhaps if we employ some of Dr Tapper’s message into our daily life we will be able to help each other in carrying the loads we bare.

Jake Tapper's Powerful Message to Graduating Students: 'Mean Is Easy'

CNN anchor Jake Tapper offered powerful words of advice to the graduating students of UMass Amherst on how they should carry themselves in life."Mean is easy. Mean is lazy. Mean is self-satisfied and slothful. You know what takes effort? Being kind. Being patient. Being respectful."

Posted by IJR Blue on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Farewell to a man that did a lot for tourism and the world. I, for one, hope you find your peace.


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Our thanks to Chase BC who hosted an outstanding familiarization day for Industry recently. The community has embraced sustainability in a variety of ways including the use of Golf Carts for transportation around the community (read more); Canada and BC are well known for being good hosts to our visitors from around the world but your team can now have the opportunity to be trained as “superhosts” as go2hr relaunches this very popular program first released in 1985 (read more);

WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS; TOTA is thrilled to be nominated for the upcoming World Travel Awards under the category of Responsible Tourism. YOU get to be the judge and help put our region in the forefront of international markets.  To register and vote for the Thompson Okanagan go to (read more).

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