TOTA Nominated for World Travel Award

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We, the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for the North America’s Responsible Tourism Award! The World Travel Awards voting is now open with the deadline approaching in a few months. The World Travel Awards serve to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

As we’ve recently become a Biosphere Certified Destination, and we’ve won the Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Award from the World Travel & Tourism Council, we believe being recognized by the World Travel Awards is just the next step in becoming an irresistible global destination, best known for our responsibility and sustainability. Recognition of our efforts is critical in getting the word out about our area, and attracting the right kind of tourists.

As a TOTA industry stakeholder, winning this award would have a direct, positive effect on your business. More global recognition, especially in the responsibility and sustainability sector, brings the right kind of international travellers who spend time in our region, caring about our environment, and investing into our economy.

There are 72 awards to cast your vote for in the North America field, including the Responsible Tourism award, though you can skip through the ones you have no knowledge of. You need to register with an email, and if you opt to be counted as a Travel Industry worker, your vote is weighted as two votes, though you must vote for at least 10 of the awards. It is a worthwhile payoff to boost the possibility of TOTA winning this prestigious award.

Please register and vote for TOTA, as a vote for TOTA is a vote for you.

Vote for Thompson Okanagan Tourism for the North America’s Responsible Tourism Award

Thank you very much for your participation and investment in support of TOTA. Happy voting!

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