Local Brew Pub Big on Recycling

The Barley Station Brew Pub in Salmon Arm likes to think it is ahead of the curve when it comes to Restaurant recycling.

The first thing to go was plastic straws. In the summer of 2017 the owners (Kathy & Stu Bradford) daughter Emilie, who was working in the popular pub showed her parents a video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in it’s nose. That was enough.  Straws were no longer handed out with every drink, if the customer wanted a straw they would receive one. At the time there wasn’t an alternative to the regular plastic straw readily available so we just stopped putting them in drinks period, said Kathy. Later on when compostable straws became available through GFS  (their food supplier) we quickly made the switch.  Stu can even remember 10 years ago packaging up all of the straws from the bar and taking them to the recycling depot until they were no longer allowed to drop off commercial recycling products by the local depot.  As with most things when a change happens it takes time for people to adjust and realize they don’t need a straw just to twirl around in the drink and for the most part everyone understands why once you explain it to them.  We still don’t give out straws but now when customers ask for one they get a compostable straw instead. Straws aren’t the only thing we can eliminate, the Barley Station has been using compostable take out containers for years and has an in house recycling and composting program that has seen their garbage out put lessened by 2/3rds. Once we made that choice we started looking around the kitchen and the front of house to see what else we could cut down or eliminate from the landfill. The next thing to go was the creamer cups, then honey packets and of course being a micro brewery all of their spent grain goes to a local cattle farmer.

More and more people are realizing that eating local and drinking local has a huge impact on our environment and our community. Locally made craft beer in a choice of beverage is better for you (no preservatives etc) supports many people in your community and  has a huge impact on lessening the carbon footprint when you think of how far beer made by the large breweries has to travel to get to your local store. Stu likes to tell people “When you make that choice to support your local farmers  to purchase food products don’t forget to support your local brewery when choosing a beer to drink”.

The Bradfords are really proud of their staff who are all on board with our program, and with the help of local recycling companies like Miss Messy who pick up all of their recyclables twice a week and Spa Hills Compost who takes all of the Pubs compostable material the Barley Stations aim is to have a zero garbage footprint before long.

For more info contact Stu or Kathy Bradford @ bstation@telus.net
250 832 0999

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