Smoked Salmon Tastings and Samples ready for Summer Tours.

Okanagan Nation Aquatic Enterprises Ltd. (OAE) has completed the construction of a new Salmon & Seafood storefront.

Tour agencies can book times to stop by the storefront to sample smoked Salmon treats, while learning about the artisanal Indigenous commercial fishery and the Okanagan Nation Alliance’s Okanagan Sockeye recovery program.

Salmon tasting selections from our three Indigenous fishery brands, include:

Tour agents are asked to put the Okanagan Select storefront on their list of tour stops, this Summer.

Current store hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Anyone wishing to check out the storefront and sample the products, please feel free to call and arrange a visit:
Rob Wilson
1-250-707-0095 x260

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