Geologist and Artist Presents New Perspectives of Earth at the Courthouse Gallery

May 16 – June 9, 2018, Opening May 16 5-8 PM.

From May 16 to June 9, 2018, the Courthouse Gallery in downtown Kamloops will host an
exhibition of a series of tapestries that use photomontage, rendered in woven and printed
tapestries, to show the beauty of earth, its formation, and why that matters.

Fields of View is an exhibition of woven and printed tapestries that juxtapose imagery of the
solar system, melding scales of size, space, and time to create narratives about Earth and Life. While most clearly motivated by the first 4 billion years of Earth’s evolution, the work also explores the inextricable relationships between the minuscule and the enormous, art and science, and the diverse perspectives or lenses through which problems are considered and meanings are formulated.

One tapestry is made of hundreds of microscopic images of minerals from seafloor rocks transformed into the sea of lava that covered the earth before the formation of the solid crust. In another, fine threads of white, blue and red form a radiating pattern foreshadowing the impact of Earth with the asteroid that formed the moon.

Each individual piece is a chapter in the story of Earth presented in the gallery as a whole. While the work is motivated by the wonder of the narrative it is equally stunning and may also be appreciated purely for the beauty, form and texture of the tapestry.

Nancy Gruver Van Wagoner is a Kamloops-based geologist and artist. Her work has been
exhibited internationally including shows in New York, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. She
presents workshops internationally, and was a visiting professor with the universities of Gujrat (School of Art, Design and Architecture), and Chiang Mai University (teaching ceramics for the department of Silicate Science and Technology). She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and a PhD in Geology from Dalhousie University.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Kamloops Arts Council, City of Kamloops, and BC Arts
Council. Contact: Nancy Van Wagoner, 778-257-4365

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