Myra-Bellevue Park grows

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park has grown by 16.4 hectares after the province recently bought a parcel of private land.

The land, known as the Harvard Road vacant acreage and located on the north end of the 7,677-hectare park, was purchased by the government for $947,000.

“The parcel of land contains an open forest and grassland ecosystem, as well as a significant wetland,” the province said in a news release.

“The property contains habitat that supports various wildlife, some of which is considered at-risk in the province. Securement of the property also greatly increases habitat connectivity within the balance of the park.”

The land is also part of the Crawford-area mountain bike trail system.

“Friends of South Slope started advocating for the property to be purchased when the previous owner died in 2006,” said Isabel Pritchard, with Friends of South Slope, a volunteer organization that promotes outdoor recreation in Myra-Bellevue and Okanagan Mountain Provincial Parks.

“It is considered to be highly important to Myra Bellevue Park, because the public has been using it for many years.”

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