Sparkling Hill Resort “Takes Back the Well” with Okanagan Craft Spirits

Sparkling Hill Resort Takes Back the Well!

We are so excited to welcome Sparkling Hill Resort to the Take Back the Well family!

“We are Taking Back the Well because of the opportunity to partner with a local vendor supporting the local community, the overall quality of their product is superb and the opportunities to further educate and train our staff on the farm to flask concept is a bonus.” – Haley Lonsdale, Acting GM/Assistant General Manager.

“Additionally, as a Health & Wellness Resort we are working to educate guests on healthy lifestyle choices. The opportunity of “Take Back the Well” strongly stands to educate guests on the quality of products that they are consuming. When working on your health, this should not mean that you have to stop enjoying some of your preferred beverages, what we try to encourage is learning about what you are putting in your body.

“Okanagan Spirits is very committed to the farm-to-flask concept and we know that their product is of the best quality and distilled to an exceptional level. Having this product available to guests strongly aligns with our farm to table mission and is certainly a valuable educational piece to share with guests and patrons.” – Joel Chester, Food & Beverage Manager

In putting Farm-to-Flask locally produced world-class spirits ahead of the big multinationals, Sparkling Hill Resort has shown that they are at the forefront of farm-to-table in everything they do!

Our family at Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery salutes you for choosing us as your signature brand for premium craft BC spirits.

With the excitement of our launch we are looking to feature our ‘Take Back the Well’ businesses as they make the change to support local and hope that you choose to support them as we do.

Find out more on Sparkling Hill Resort here.

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