Strategic Alliance to Bolster Baldy Mountain Resorts Revival

It’s big news for Baldy Mountain Resort. In a world where small businesses struggle to compete against the large corporations, the ski industry is no different. In 2014 Baldy Mountain Resort was forced to close for an entire winter season. The local community was undeniably devastated, the resort was not just ‘the local hill’, it offered terrain and snowfall amounts to rival the bigger resorts, but with a friendly atmosphere and local vibe. Since reopening with new ownership, the resort has bounced back to life. Vibrant events and amazing powder days have put smiles not only on the locals faces, but also to those who visit from further afield. It is these far flung visitors that the new ownership is hoping to grow.

Resort General Manager Andy Foster said “Baldy offers an amazing visitor experience, especially for skiers and snowboarders. But it’s hard for us to be recognized over the bigger corporate ski resorts. Even in British Columbia we are relatively unknown, on the international scale people just don’t know about us, and so they don’t know what they’re missing. Those that visit know we’re one of the best value ski resorts in Canada, not just for prices but for the entire experience on offer”. It is the international potential that makes a recent announcement so powerful. The resort will operate in a strategic alliance with Hsin Chong Group Holdings, who develop real estate and outlet malls all over the world. Foster added, “by aligning ourselves with a larger international organization we will receive some of the benefits of the larger resorts, while still operating as the local Oliver ski hill. We’re excited to work together to push the resort forward”.

The first big step is additional Real Estate development at the resort, which offers an amazing opportunity for those seeking to invest in a year-round mountain destination. “The McKinney Subdivision is a huge step in enhancing the community on the mountain. In the future we will be looking to further develop our own on-mountain accommodation to support the strong growth we’re experiencing” said Foster. The initial residential lots are available for purchase now at early bird pricing, which is well below market value. There is great investment potential both long-term and also in the short term as only a limited amount of on-mountain accommodation is currently available for visitors.

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