Mayhem and Murder in the Art World!

More twists than a corkscrew!

More twists than a corkscrew! That’s Joe DiPietro’s superbly suspenseful and comedic murder mystery “Art of Murder”, which opens on the Cannery Stage on April 12! This 2nd show in Many Hats’ 11th season will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who gets killed, why, and of course … whodunnit!

Jack Brooks (Chuck Peeren) is a successful, but extremely irascible, painter whose works sell for big money, but there’s a secret to his success! His wife Annie and her housekeeper Kate (played by Many Hats newcomers Maria Kadomtseva and Elizabeth Barry) know the secret … or do they? And, just to up the ante surprise-wise Brook’s flamboyant art dealer Vincent (Isaac Gilbert) has secrets of his own! They all have motive for murder and ample opportunity … so, who gets killed? And, who is the murderer?? You’ll have to check out Art of Murder to find out!

Art of Murder is directed by Jamie Eberle and produced by Eric Hanston, while Marlena Dolan stage manages. Art of Murder opens April 12th and runs until May 5th. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm with a Sunday Matinee at 2pm. All performances are on the Cannery Stage in the Cannery Trade Centre, located at 1475 Fairview Road in Penticton. There will be two gala opening nights! First on Thursday, April 12th and then on Friday, April 13th, with a reception following both performances.

Tickets are $25/adult and $22/student or senior (GST included). As usual, tickets can be purchased from our good friends next door at The Nest and Nectar or reserved during their business hours by phoning 250-493-7275. (Note: The Nest and Nectar is closed on Mondays.) For more information, please visit

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