More flights into Okanagan

WestJet will add 16 new flights each week in and out of the Okanagan this summer.

The airline’s newly released summer schedule includes more flights to both Penticton and Kelowna, from major Western Canadian cities.

The airline is increasing the number of flights between Vancouver and Kelowna by nine a week, meaning it will now fly between the two cities seven times a day.

WestJet will also offer one more flight a week between Calgary and Kelowna, and two more flights a week between Edmonton and Kelowna.

That will mean seven flights a day between YYC and YLW, and seven flights each business day between YEG and YLW.

Flights between Calgary and Penticton will also increase in frequency over the summer months. With four extra flights a week, WestJet will now fly between the cities twice a day.

Along with its extra Okanagan flights, WestJet also announced new flights to Paris (from Halifax), Mexico City (from Calgary and Vancouver), and Denver (from Calgary).

The airline’s full summer schedule is available here.

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