New Years Gift to Sun Peaks Healthcare

Al Raine, Mayor of Sun Peaks is delighted to announce that former longtime Sun Peaks’ residents Gail and Shorty Stiles have donated $100,000 to equip the new Family Practice facility. ‘We had just reached our target of $400,000 when this great news arrived’ said Mayor Raine.

Gail and Shorty Stiles were enthusiastic residents of Sun Peaks through some of the tougher years but they always remained passionate and positive about this community, added Raine. ‘They have always been involved in community fundraising especially the need for health facilities’. ‘Even though they live in Victoria today, we have always known that their hearts were still in Sun Peaks, thank you Gail and Shorty’ added Mayor Raine.

Sun Peaks Family Practice opened its doors on December 11 with the announcement that Dr. Shane Barclay had agreed to provide family services in Sun Peaks. ‘I am pleased to part of this exciting community initiative, it has been very busy these past few weeks but we are seeing patients who all seem very pleased with the facilities and service’ said Dr. Barclay.

At this time, Sun Peaks Family Practice is open 4 days a week, 9 AM to 4 PM, week days except Wednesday. As patient volumes increase, operating hours will expand. The Family Practice is open to all residents of the region and is working hand in hand with the Sun Peaks Ski Patrol.

Sun Peaks councillor, Ines Popig added that ‘Sun Peaks healthcare has been many years in the making and besides Gail and Shorty, we have a long list of volunteers and fundraisers who have worked together to make this dream a reality’.

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