Learn how the pending marijuana legalization impacts your business

OHS Webinar Dec. 1 - Substance (Ab)Use in the Workplace

The challenges that employers face concerning substance use and potential abuse in the workplace have become more complicated. These challenges are particularly complex in remote workplaces in the tourism and hospitality industry, where employees are often alone or unsupervised. Managing off-duty conduct in situations where employees live in employer-provided accommodations throws even more confusion into the mix. What are the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees? The pending legalization of recreational marijuana use means that now is the time for employers to revisit their rules and expectations concerning substance use and potential abuse in the workplace.

go2HR is pleased to bring in two lawyers from Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP to cover the following topics:

  • The current and pending legal landscape concerning marijuana use and possession.
  • Policy review and best practices concerning:
    • Medical marijuana use;
    • Recreational marijuana use;
    • Alcohol, drug and medication use generally.
  • Safety considerations:
    • Is a zero-tolerance policy necessary – will it work?
    • Does accommodation of medical marijuana use require employers to compromise safety?
    • What about testing for impairment?
  • Practical matters:
    • Identifying impairment – even if you are not a doctor!
    • Investigating and responding to suspected impairment in the workplace.
  • Worksite specific considerations:
    • Remote and unsupervised work.
    • On-site employee residence (managing off duty conduct).
    • Employees responsible for customer safety.

For more information: https://www.go2hr.ca/webinar

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