The OHS Files: Solving your Mysteries

2017 Tourism & Hospitality Occupational Health & Safety Summit

go2HR is pleased to bring our Tourism & Hospitality Occupational Health & Safety Summit back to Kelowna on Nov. 17 at the Coast Capri Hotel.

The OHS Files: Solving your Mysteries will cover popular health & safety topics for tourism employers. Registration includes a full hot breakfast and opportunity to network from 7:30am – 8:30am. Interactive sessions run from 8:30am – 3:30pm with lunch included. Event agenda includes the following:

  • How well do you understand the current and pending legal landscape around recreational marijuana use and possession in the workplace? Are you prepared for what is coming? Cameron Wardell provides expert insights, looking at some of the challenges that employers face concerning substance use and potential abuse in the workplace.
  • Get to grips with the latest injury trends and discover what is putting your employees at risk. Lorne Scarlett and Kim Karunaratne (Ertner) provide an update on incident stats within the industry and what is driving up your claim costs. The preliminary 2018 base rates will also be introduced.
  • Uncover the “how to” and “how not to” when it comes to completing incident investigations with Gary Klein. He will clarify the new requirements for Joint Health and Safety Committees, providing an overview of changes to the Workers Compensation Act, incident investigations and the process for completing them.
  • Robin Schooley provides valuable insights about young workers, in relation to their injury rates, and how we can inspire and motivate them to work safely. She explores how the attitudes and behaviors of young workers can influence their relationships with safety and introduces practical ways in which employers can interact with their young workers to foster a safe, healthy and productive workplace.
  • A powerful account by a young injured worker, who tells his story about overcoming all the odds following a life-changing skiing accident, which paralyzed him from the neck down. Mike Shaw now advocates for the right to a safe workplace, the right to refuse unsafe work and the right to participate in health and safety.
  • Receive updates on go2HR’s Industry Health and Safety program, including the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, new resources, services and initiatives.
  • Opportunity to meet and network with your peers from the BC tourism and hospitality industry, and ask questions to the experts in the Q&A panel with the presenters.

Spaces are limited. Registration link can be found at

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