Manic Monday – Our lives can change in seconds…

Midnight Musings from our CEO

It has been one week since hundreds of people saw their lives change in just 11 minutes.

One gunman, many rounds of ammunition, 58 deaths, and the futures of so many people altered forever.

People across the continent have been affected whether directly or indirectly.  The sadness and senselessness of this event is only underscored by the increasing frequency of these horrific incidents. This Thanksgiving, I could not let the Las Vegas shootings of last week go unmentioned.

Today as you go about your activities, take a moment to remember just how fleeting life is and how quickly it can change.  Take time for gratitude and appreciation as you spend time with your family, your friends, or if you are spending time to reflect alone. Thank someone for a gesture of kindness no matter how small be thankful even the most mundane things in your world as they can be the most precious

Life can change in a second…..

Happy Thanksgiving


A Few Highlights from this Week’s News Centre…

With Labour shortages the focus of the news media this past week I wanted to remind our Stakeholders that we are heading to Alberta this month to speak with students at Olds College as well as NAIT and SAIT in Edmonton and Calgary respectively (read more).  Our goal is to attract students to work in our region next summer and to get them thinking about it early. If you have a job opportunity for the spring/summer of 2018 NOW is the time to post it. Go to

Where will you be November 1st and 2nd? We hope you will be joining. us for this year AGM and Summit in Kamloops.  We have an excellent program and a lot to discuss (read more)

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