Manic Monday – You Can’t Outspend the News!

Midnight Musings from our CEO

In conversation last week someone made the comment “you can’t outspend the news!” and as we continue to deal with the fallout around the region as a result of ongoing wildfire messaging these words must be top of mind.

I am sure we can all agree that 2017 has been an interesting year, certainly not without its challenges. First, with floods, and now… with fires, there has been more the ample negative news for the media to capitalize on. Many of our stakeholders are still not in their homes or businesses or have just returned home and are trying to return to a version of normal and our thoughts and concerns continue to be with all of them.

Stakeholders hundreds of kilometres from wildfire areas in various directions have also been feeling the effects. We’re hearing similar stories throughout the region with visitor cancellations and loss of business occurring due to air quality concerns, road closures, and a perceived threat to the public. The impact of the media coverage has been crippling, with an inaccurate representation of current conditions and hyperbolic messaging dissuading potential travellers from visiting BC.

We are working actively with various partners to try and clarify the messaging, our consumer marketing efforts are in full swing, and we will be assisting Destination BC in their request for additional post-fire marketing.

Currently, our partner, Mobilize, who have approximately 150 young adults working in our Region and Alberta, are instituting a social media campaign to elevate the current situation on the ground, posting photos and videos from around the region and posting to their social channels.

In an effort communicate our “open for business” messaging we ask all effected stakeholders to engage their visitors in uploading User Generated Content daily posting photos and videos under the #explorebc #stateofplay #communityname or business name.

We may never be able to outspend the News but with a focused effort and using the power of digital we collectively can get our message into the market.

We can’t outspend the News…but we can get our message heard!


A Few Highlights from this Week’s News Centre…

The midpoint of summer is already upon us and it is certainly has been a spring and summer we most of us will not soon forget. Thanks to the generosity of many of our industry stakeholders there are a wide variety of fund raising activities happening around the region including the upcoming Kamloops Wine Trail “Sips for Support” which will see series of benefits concerts the first of which is taking place August 4th (read more);. We continue to encourage donations to the Red Cross in support of all of those effected by wild fires as well as encouraging everyone to get out to enjoy all the many locations and activities are open for business and support our tourism operators that have realized dramatic cancellations such as the businesses in the recently opened Wells Gray Provincial Park (read more). We will continue to bring you regular updates and encourage stakeholders in all areas of the region to take part in the following Economic Impact Survey.

Join us for this year’s Golf Tournament August 29th, 2017 at the Golf Course in the Alpine at Sun Peaks Resort.  All registered participants are eligible to win 2 passes on Air Canada to anywhere they fly in North America including Hawaii. To register for this year’s tournament go to our website.

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We hope you keep following and contributing on TOTA’s Facebook and Twitter sites throughout the week; send us your stories, photos, events and remarkable experiences. Make sure the industry knows what is happening around our region and be sure to use #route97 and #explorebc when posting your tourism shots and stories from around the region.

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