Airport Manager Fred Legace announces his departure

KAMLOOPS — Airport Manager Fred Legace is planning a new flight path.

Legace, who began working at the Kamloops Airport nearly 15 years ago, says he feel it is time to step aside.

“What we’ve got now is a good service,” Legace said. “I think there’s probably still a lot more work to do, and I think that next step is perhaps somebody with a little bit different focus, who’s able to take Kamloops to the next step.”

The airport expansion in 2009 is one of Legace’s proudest accomplishments during his time at the airport.

“That really allowed us to open up for some additional air services, we were able to track WestJet to the community. That’s been I think good for the traveling public here in Kamloops to have an option for some of the longer range connectivity out of Kamloops.”

Legace’s final day at the airport will be September 8th, but he intends to remain in the city.

“This is a wonderful city to live in,” he said. “I’ve spoken to a few people in the city, and I think there are some interesting challenges perhaps to take on. I think at least for the next ten years make a little bit of a different career.”

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