Route 97 Introduces Destination Guest Blog Program

Promote your destination through the Route 97 blog.

Route 97 targets the touring and exploring markets in BC, AB and WA. Share your destination story by submitting a Blog! All blogs will be reviewed prior to publishing and we will add a link to the corresponding Route 97 road trip page that features your community.

These blogs would not only feature your town or community but would see traffic from the Route 97 website, as well as online distribution through social media.

If you’d like to participate, please submit the following:

Less than 500 words ideally focused around a central theme or idea. The goal is to use this as native advertising, no need to sell, sell, sell.

Some examples: 5 Things to Do in Merritt, 24 Hours in Kamloops, 3 Parks to Camp at This Summer, etc. Keep the content light, informative, and consumer-friendly. Make sure any outbound links are provided.

Photos for consideration. Destination BC brand imagery preferred. User-Generated Content can also be sourced. Please provide photo credits where necessary.

The name of the blogger (if applicable) or the organization for credit.

Images need to be at least 1200px wide, can be any shape or size as long as resolution is med-high.

Email content to: Niki Kennedy, Digital Marketing Specialist

For information on the Route 97 program visit or contact Simone Carlysle-Smith, Director of Global and Regional Marketing.

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