YLW breaks passenger records for month of May

The Kelowna International Airport (YLW) continues to grow and the proof is in the numbers.

143,061 passengers travelled through YLW in May, up 12.9% since May 2016, and beating passenger records for the same month in all previous years.

Despite beating the records for the same time frame in previous years, the number of passengers for May 2017 is the lowest recorded for a month this year.

The news follows YLW recording its busiest month on record when it served 173,504 passengers in March 2017.

To keep up with increasing traffic, expansion plans are already in the works for YLW.

“In our master plan we developed a low, medium and high range forecast,” said YLW Airport Director Sam Samaddar. “So we’re already working towards the next expansion of our facilities to accommodate future growth.”

For the airport to break records again for the month of June, YLW will need to serve more than 135,069 passengers.


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