KAC Rivertown Players back with free theatre all summer long

Kamloops Arts Council troupe teams up with Project X Theatre for fun, free children's performances starting July 1

The Rivertown Players are excited to be back with free, fun, interactive children’s theatre this summer. This year the troupe will be creating two seasons, one for July and one for August — a total of six different shows throughout the summer.

Their first performance will be at Art in the Park on Canada Day. The theme for July will be “Canada 150” and features 3 shows:

Molly and Sandford’s Great Canadian Adventure

By Ashley Hiibner

Molly Moose and Sandford Salmon are heading all the way across the country in time for Canada’s 150th birthday party! Come join them as they meet up with a collection of crazy Canadian critters, solving problems and making friends along the way! Will they make it in time for the party? Or will Molly’s terrible sense of direction leave them lost in the middle of nowhere? Come see Molly & Sandford’s Great Canadian Adventure to find out!

The Big Book of Magical Paintings

By Jeffery Daniels

When Timothy is unable to think of something to paint for a community art gallery, he hopes the Big Book of Magical Paintings will help to inspire him. Though upon looking in the book, Timothy is magically transported into the Paintings of the book! As he travels from painting to painting, making some interesting friends along the way, Timothy learns where inspiration can come from, and that art can be anything!

Blast-Off Beaver

By Avery Reid

Rudy B. Treemason is a beaver with a dream to be an astronaut, but she’s been told that beavers aren’t allowed to go to space! But when her peers, Mabel the Monkey and Dalbert the Dog, crash land on the moon, it is up to Rudy to save them! Of course, Rudy isn’t alone, three famous Canadian figures help her blast-off to space!

The 2017 KAC Rivertown Players will perform and create these shows under the mentorship of Melissa Thomas of Project X Theatre along with special guest theatre professionals. This year’s troupe consists of:

  • Jeffery Daniels – Actor/Assistant Director
  • Ashley Hiibner – Actor/Stage Manager
  • Avery Reid – Actor/Booking Coordinator

More information, including photos and bios, may be found at www.kamloopsarts.ca.

Follow the Rivertown Players on Facebook, twitter (@rtownplayers) and instagram (@rivertownplayers) for up-to-the-minute updates.

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