Manic Monday – Just stick to the facts…

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Like everyone I have been closely watching the news of the flood situation that is currently affecting many parts of our region and province.

The information is extremely concerning and in some cases quite devastating and in the days and weeks to come we will all need to work together to assist friends, neighbours and fellow industry stakeholders to ensure their homes and businesses are protected.

This protection also takes the form of ensuring the accurate representation of the facts.  As often occurs, news stories can be sensationalized to heighten their effect and the dramatic delivery of the message becomes more important than providing clear concise details.  Overstating and speculation can have unintended and very negative consequences.

Each of us in the industry should ensure that our communication through any media outlet provides balanced reporting and we must demand our media partners to do the same. Fear, panic and yes unnecessary cancellations can be the result of creative writing and commentary and can result in damage to our tourism season in this key booking period.

TOTA will endeavour to have detailed information on our website as things change and we will ensure this includes that fact we are not all floating the down the river …our houses have not been converted into houseboats…..and that we are open for business.

Supporting those affected will be our number one priority but making sure that there is limited collateral damage will be imperative in the process.  Stick to the facts folks…just make sure everyone sticks to the facts.


A Few Highlights from this Week’s News Centre…

A couple of new faces as congratulations go out to Dan Rogers who has been hired as the Executive Director for the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce (read more); and go2HR welcomes Arun Subramanian to the position of Director, Industry HR Development (read more); you will hearing a lot from us in the next few weeks regarding tourism sustainability, however here is a great article on 5 steps you can take now (read more).

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