Manic Monday – Is it about Millennials….??

Midnight Musings from our CEO

We hear much about how difficult it is to work with millennials, however as I have  frequently noted our experience in the TOTA office has been anything but challenging.  Our crew of energetic and enthusiastic under 35’s never fails to surprise and engage us.  There is no lack of motivation and drive in this group that definitely keep us all on our toes…

All of that notwithstanding, this video by Simon Sinek on “Millennials in the Workplace” is not only thought provoking, relative to the new generation of employees, but it also may give you pause on your own actions and behaviors.

He references a number of issues which any generation has wrestled with to a  greater or lesser degree. Behavioral influences as a result of parenting, youthful impatience and the environment but the one that has altered behaviors more than ever before is technology

I freely admit to being the person with the cell phone on the table during meetings, luncheons and dinners. It is also true that I am well known for using any minute of downtime in conversation as an opportunity to read email, catch up on online news, check Facebook or messenger rather than engage in conversation at hand. Sadly, it is also true that my Apple 6 is located on the bedside table and is the first “person” that I “talk” to in the morning.

Simon has painted an accurate and very alarming picture of our increasing disconnection with human interaction and how it effects the workplace. He references the Millennials, but is it really about them? Is it really their issue, or is it something we all have to look long and hard at?

Most of you won’t watch this video…most of you won’t even have read this weeks Manic Monday but if you do take just 15 minutes to hear Simon’s comments let me know your thoughts….after all, I will have my cell phone close by!

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