Manic Monday – I was taught never to vote!

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Now that I  have your attention….

I was taught never to vote…. unless I had taken the time to understand what the issues were and where the government I was about to cast my ballot for stood in relation to my concerns. I was taught never to vote unless I had listened to the candidates in my own riding and knew which individual would best carry the important regional concerns and messages forward. I was taught never to vote unless I had done my homework and could defend my selection for the candidate and leader that best represented me.

Individuals that run for any government office be it municipal, provincial or federal are among some of the most selfless individuals you will ever meet. They certainly haven’t chosen a political life for the fame, fortune or accolades; those all tend to be very scarce and fleeting. They are individuals prepared to take tremendous criticism, come under personal scrutiny and often personal attack because they believe they can make a difference.

On May 9th regardless of who you decided to select when you go to the polls, don’t vote, unless you have given the respect to the process and those that have let their name stand. Invest your time, research and understand the issues, listen to the candidates and educate yourself on which individual best represents you.

I was taught never to vote without ensuring that I could defend my choice, but I was also taught that there was no excuse for not voting. It is one of the most important opportunities we have living in a democracy and it should not be taken lightly or without careful thought….

I have done my work and I will be voting….can you say the same?


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