Strength in Being a Boy Conference

First Annual Conference Sold out in Record Time

The Kamloops YMCA-YWCA is working hard to present its pilot project, the Strength in Being a Boy Conference that is coming up on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017. Taking after its sister program, Power of Being a Girl, this one-day conference features three workshops and fun, interactive activities to engage young male participants between the ages of nine and thirteen. This event is the first of its kind in the Kamloops area and is responding to a need that has been communicated by community members, families, and even the younger generation.

When registration opened on March 1st, it wasn’t expected that the community would respond so quickly with a sold out conference within eleven days. “We were thinking that we’d have to do a lot of marketing and push this event so that the community would be well aware of our exciting pilot project, however this was not the case,” says Hope Mikal, Conference Coordinator. There are a lot of great topics being discussed at this event, including how to navigate challenging situations, such as an ever common ‘fight mentality’ seen in middle schools nowadays. Through the art of judo, the boys will learn how to be assertive and use other people’s energy to support one’s own. In a dynamic setting presented by the Kamloops Judo Club, the boys will be able to cultivate alertness, concentration and self-confidence as well as the attitude of fair play and sportsmanship. In the conference’s third workshop option, the participants will explore boy culture and be given the opportunity to discuss current issues facing young boys, such as gender stereotypes.

The conference is planned by a group of boys who met weekly through one of the YMCA/YWCA’s after school programs for six weeks. By using their insights and ideas, Mikal and her dedicated team pieced together the conference’s schedule. Planning will for next year’s conference will take place in late 2017, and any interested participants are welcome to sign up for this activity through the YMCA/YWCA’s regular programming. More great news includes, that with such an overwhelming response, the Kamloops YMCA/YWCA promises to double its capacity for Strength in Being a Boy in 2018.

The sold out conference is taking place on April 26th at the Tournament Captial Centre. While there is not enough capacity to take on more participants, the Kamloops YMCA/YWCA wishes to send out its excitement for this event and hopes to spread the word about this great new initiative in the community.

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