Valemount Ski Resort Map

Village of Valemount reacts to new ski resort

The Village of Valemount is ready to welcome Valemount Glacier Destinations with open arms.

The proposed ski resort, that will feature North America’s second highest drop, received the green light to go forward with the project from the government yesterday.

“The ski resort is a great fit for the town,” said Adam Davies, who serves as Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Valemount.

Davey is especially excited that the resort will be open to outdoor enthusiasts year round as well.

“In the summer there’s a growing mountain bike park, white water rafting and hiking, so I think the year-round resort, which will also feature summer skiing on the glacier will compliment Valemount well.”

The Village of Valemount, home to about a thousand residents, is a hub for lovers of the outdoors, but Davey believes the resort will help bring more infrastructure to the town as well.

“The towns certainly open for business,” said Davey.

“We’re hoping the resort will generate a lot of excitement and all sorts of follow along businesses.”

According to their press release, Valemount Glacier Destinations is planning to have skiers on the slopes by December of 2018, but that’s just the beginning for the resort that has a 15-20 year build-out plan and potential to become one of the biggest in North America.

While he recognizes this is just the beginning, Davey and the Village of Valemount are eager for what the future holds.

“Everyone’s fully in support and looking forward to breaking ground on the project.”

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