2 storeys OK for marina

City council gave its approval Monday to a new, two-storey marina service building at the Hotel Eldorado.

The building will replace two aging buildings that will be removed and replaced with the two-storey structure as part of an overall marina expansion.

The building is proposed to be situated at the end of the dock and provide marina services such as rentals, boat fueling, customer service and washrooms. The top floor would include staff space and a storage area.

Council had concerns about the height of the building, sight lines from the shore and the feasibility of a larger structure close to the high-water mark.

Peter Downward with Argus Properties said the reason for the location is to minimize silt erosion, which caused the boat launch to be closed for repairs.

“Part of the process in putting the building out into the deeper water is to try and stay away from putting impact on the foreshore. We have a lot of boat traffic coming in and out, and by having it farther from shore, it saves that wash and the turbulence in the shallower waters,” he said.

And, while the new building is eight feet higher than the two previous structures, it’s twice as far out from the shore, minimizing visual impact.

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