OHS Webinar – Working Alone

Working alone in tourism and hospitality? How can you stay safe?

The go2HR Health & Safety team is pleased to offer a webinar covering the topic of working alone in the tourism and hospitality industry. The webinar will:

  • Define what is meant by working alone;
  • Discuss the current trends associated with injury figures for lone workers;
  • Explore how employers and workers can control the risks and introduce safe work procedures;
  • Highlight how to safely approach members of the public;
  • Introduce the concept of threat assessment;
  • Explain how to gain co-operation; and
  • Explore safe disengagement techniques.

Why should you attend the webinar?

  • Fulfil your annual OHS training entitlement as part of the JOHSC;
  • Learn about the specific hazards affecting lone workers;
  • Explore techniques to enhance the safety of lone workers;
  • Ask questions specific to your business;
  • Connect with colleagues from different tourism sectors;
  • Work towards completing your professional development requirements as a health and safety professional; and
  • Work towards completing the required seven hours of professional development as a certified COR Internal Auditor.

Speakers include Hugh Pelmore: President, CEO and Senior Training Specialist, ARETE Safety and Stephanie Mallalieu: Industry Health and Safety Specialist, go2HR

Date:         Apr. 20, 2017
Time:        10:00am
Location:  Online Webinar

Registration cost: $49.00 regular, $24.00 for BCLCA members

This webinar is sponsored by the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association. The cost to attend this webinar for BCLCA members is $24.00.

More information and registration can be found at https://www.go2hr.ca/events/ohs-webinar-working-alone

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