Jousting at Osoyoos Medieval Faire

Osoyoos Medieval Faire

Where the past meets the present

My Lords. My Ladies. I give you the Osoyoos Medieval Faire.

Over two days during the long weekend in May, the high plain above Osoyoos — an oasis set amid Canada’s only desert — will be transformed and returned to the days of the manor, nobility and chivalry.

Join us for the adventure of the joust. Catch your breath as modern-day knights engage in single combat. It’s an amazing spectacle to see fearless riders aboard heavy horses rush in a headlong dash toward each other and the inevitable collision where they meet. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Cheer your favourite knights.

Join us for the celebration of the feast. Food, drinks and dessert — a feast fit for a king. You don’t want to miss this amazing dinner prepared by Neon Wolfe Creations. Roast beast. Long tables piled high with Okanagan farm salads, roasted vegetables and potages of dessert. And the drink! Our finest ales and seductive wines will flow generously to quench your thirst.

Join us where the past meets the present. Our medieval village is where you will find the life of our community. Merchants and crafters will deliver their finest, ready to bargain and barter. Enjoy the bards and minstrels set upon the village to entertain and enlighten. Don your finest medieval costume or come in modern attire and participate in Old World games and activities.

Join us for fun for the whole family. The Desert Park Exhibition Society invites you to transport your caravan to Osoyoos May 20-21. Located in the South Okanagan, our weekend promises warm weather and an even warmer reception, one filled with the simple existence of an all-but-forgotten time. We make a bold commitment: you and yours will have so much fun you’ll want to make the Osoyoos Faire an annual pilgrimage.

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The Osoyoos Medieval Faire — where the past meets the present.

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