Manic Monday – Go ahead…google me wrong!

Midnight Musings from our CEO

What do all of the following names have in common…..Android, Blogger, Chromebook, Froogle, Gmail, Myactivity, Doubleclick and Youtube?  If you answered that they all are Google products you would be correct.  Of course that is only a small sampling when compared with the more obvious additional Google services that most of us use daily including Google Maps, Google Calendars, Google Trips, Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Google Books, Google Photo’s, Google Earth and plain old Google Search….and the list goes on.

Standing back from a week of incredible online training and information it is simultaneously staggering, exciting and yes somewhat frightening to realize how much of our daily life and activities occur not only online but in the online world of Google.

Whether we are reading our online news, organizing our week, checking for directions, searching for places to eat or destinations to visit Google is along for every step of our journey and in some circumstances actually leading us on that journey.  We are being tracked, evaluated and served up content to meet our needs and address our interests in less time than it takes you to read 1/3 of what has been written on this page. Amazingly all of this change and innovation has taken place in less that 20 years.

We can embrace this rapidly advancing technology, learn to harness and use it to our advantage both in business and in streamlining our daily lives or we can choose to do things as we have always done them.  We can watch others and their businesses move forward strategically, marketing and driving new business with less cost or we can lead that movement.

In embracing all of the options and opportunity that Google and all of its many tentacles can offer to us, we have the potential to speak to more potential customers than ever before, providing them with better and more targeted  information about our products and services offering up information they actually want to have and giving it to them at times of the day and night when they are actually listening. If we invite this new world and build our research base with timely relevant data and work collaboratively we can achieve tremendous results at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing activities.

One of the often quoted phrases by the Google team is “Winning the moments that matter means” the right person, getting the right message, at the right time….Every time!  There is the power and technology for us to do this together now……

But go ahead…Google me wrong.


A Few Highlights from this Weeks News Centre…

Ontario residents vacationing in British Columbia make up our third largest domestic market and new direct air service announced this week makes it that much easier for those guests to get to the region (read more); a recent announcement by Minister Shirley Bond will benefit all of the provinces tourism operates as she confirms a funding for tourism that will secure $50M per year with an additional 2% increase per year tied to industry performance (read more)

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