B.C.’s minimum wage will increase in the fall

B.C.’s minimum wage will increase to $11.35 an hour effective September 15th, 2017.

The new minimum wage is a 50 cent increase and reflects the province’s overall economic growth.

There will also be an identical increase of 50 cents per hour to the liquor server minimum wage, going from $9.60 to $10.10.

Daily rates for live-in home support workers and live-in camp leaders, as well as the monthly rates for resident caretakers and the farm worker piece rates, will also increase on the same date.

More information on those rates will be made public ahead of the September 15th change.

The move will be the sixth increase in B.C.’s minimum wage since 2011.

In the province, there are 93,800 out of 1,958,000 paid employees earning minimum wage.

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