Manic Monday – RAK it up next week! You will be all the healthier for it…

Midnight Musings from our CEO

February 12th – 18th is RAK Week 2017.  I am certain most of you are asking yourself what in the world is this Manic Mandziuk talking about now!

Formally recognized in 1995 “RAK” or Random Act of Kindness Week is a short seven days set aside annually to demonstrate that kindness is in fact contagious.

The RAK foundation operated by a group of five individuals out of Denver Colorado and lead by President Gary Nixon is founded on the premise that even the smallest gesture of kindness can change not only the person receiving but almost more importantly improves the health and well being of the person giving.

Their website outlines numerous benefits of extending kindness including improved energy, increased personal contentment and even a suggestion of lengthening life span while noting that it has been scientifically proven that acts of kindness can help to lower stress, anxiety, depression and even blood pressure; all this while making the world a little better place.

Over the past several weeks and months our news world more than ever seems to be delivering an on slaughter of  dark and often difficult information from every corner of the world. So RAK Week seems the perfect moment to take a break from all that is wrong, take things into our own hands and make life a little better for those around us.

Random Acts of Kindness start with each and every one of us stepping outside of our own challenges, conflicts, concerns and worries and for a brief moment lightening the load for a friend, relative or stranger. Opening a door, carrying a bag, offering an unexpected smile or word of support, paying for a muffin or coffee; no gesture of kindness is too small.

Why not take it one step further and go online to and become a RAKTAVIST (the best kind of activist). You can sign up as an individual, group/company or team. There is no cost, just a website full of ideas that will help to inspire you to take on the one week challenge, and perhaps keep the movement going for months to come.

I am definitely going to partake in RAK this week so watch out, I may be in a community near you and what a great opportunity for the region.

“Thompson Okanagan – the Kindest (and healthiest) Region in Canada”


A Few Highlights from this Weeks News Centre…

With winter continuing to make her presence known what better time to announce the first winner of our Route 97 “Wonder of Winter” contest with prizing thanks to Sun Peaks Resort (read more); our next Route 97 Winter prize package is compliments of Big White Ski Resort and will be drawn later today (February 13th) but there is still a few hours left to enter.  This years BC Tourism Industry Conference kicks off on February 22nd in Victoria and it is not too late to register. With an excellent line up of speakers and important networking opportunities it is an event not to be missed (read more);  For those of you that did not celebrate Valentines day early this past weekend it really is not to late to make plans for “the real day” Tuesday February 14th.  There are a wide range of things to do in the region including what is sure to be an outstanding 3 course dinner at Liquidity Winery, Bistro and Gallery in Okanagan Falls (read more).

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