Manic Monday – A Three Nation Staycation Vacation…say that 10 times fast!!!

Midnight Musings from our CEO

The “Staycation Vacation” has been a term that has been used loosely for many years but we think 2017 may just have all the right ingredients to really see this type of travel soar!

Together with all our First Nations, BC and Washington State partners, there are a wealth of activities, festivals and events that you could add to your bucketlist without the need to travel too far from home.

Our Route 97 website has launched not only a “things to do” page but a “festivals and events” site to to assist our stakeholders and communities in promoting what’s happening and to help visitors to the region make their plans and even stay a bit longer.

It is 100% free to  to post upcoming festivals and events which in turn TOTA will assist in getting into the hands of all our visitors; those “staycationing” and otherwise.

Go to to post upcoming activities and to plan your own travels around the region…we think you might find a wide variety of “jewels” happening that you never imagined and will make staying closer to home that more fun this year.


A Few Highlights from this Weeks News Centre…

The 2015 numbers are in and BC was definitely a big winner in International Traveler seeing an increase of 12.2 percent over the prior year and hitting 5.1 million in international visitors (read more); on the heals of those tremendous numbers it was also outstanding to see the rates at Vancouver International airport dropping allowing for increased flights to the province (read more). Closer to home and keeping things domestic, we are pleased to see WestJet announcing a new direct route to Winnipeg from Kelowna (read more); and with things south of the border continuing to cause controversy, we certainly agree that the Staycations or keeping things a bit closer to home will be on the increase, which we believe will translate into even more travel into the region from BC and Alberta (read more) as well as Washington state.

Read all of this weeks News Centre stories at

We hope you keep following and contributing on TOTA’s Facebook and Twitter sites throughout the week; send us your stories, photos, events  and remarkable experiences. Make sure the industry knows what is happening around our region and be sure to use the #route97 and #explorebc when posting your tourism shots and stories from around the region.

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