2016/17 Co-Operative Marketing Reserved Pool February Update!

This is your last chance to take advantage of Destination BC marketing dollars for this fiscal!

NEW Program Opportunities:

  • BC Fresh Water Fishing Regulations Synopsis 2017 – 18
  • Coast Mountain Culture, Spring 2017

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BC Fresh Water Fishing Regulations Synopsis 2017-18

Sales close February 18

The “BC Fishing Regs” has incredible reach! Largest angling publication in BC! Far surpassing the circulation of many national publications or regional publications – with direct reach to many provincial anglers!

Print glossy 1/6 Page ads start from $1,080 (+ tax)

For more information about advertising contact Annemarie Rindt, arindt@blackpress.ca or 250-480-3244

For more information about the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis…

Coast Mountain Culture, Summer 2017

Sales close February 28

As of this January, CMC has embarked on a partnership with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. TOTA has secured a double-page spread (DPS) or more depending on uptake in Coast Mountain Culture’s Summer 2017 issue. This is a limited offer will be extended to as many as seven interested TOTA stakeholders.

Print 1/4 Page ads start from $900 (+ tax)

For more information about advertising contact Darren Davidson, darren@mountainculturegroup.com or 250-505-9759

For more information about the Coast Mountain Culture Program…

Route 97 Touring Program

Book by February 22 for 2017 Print Guide and Spring Digital Campaign Bundle!

The Route 97 2016/17 Touring Program is TOTA’s flagship destination marketing initiative that promotes the entire region. This integrated marketing program includes exposure for your business or community through digital marketing, print option, consumers shows, contesting and media. Route97.net content will be expanding over the coming year to include seasonal and sector content.

Marketing partners have their business or community listed on relevant pages throughout the website as well as in the Directory with their own dedicated web page. We have digital options starting as low as $299 (+ tax)

For more information about advertising contact Meaghan Racine, marketing@totabc.com or 250-860-5999 x 203

For more information about the Route 97 Touring Program…

Online Travel Trade Planner

Booking deadline is February 28. The TOTA Travel Trade Planner is the primary resource for Thompson Okanagan information relating to the travel trade.

The Online Planner is the call to action for responses to travel trade inquiries, follow up to marketplace and event appointments, announcement of new products, access to images and video, and the preview of sample itineraries.

Various offers are available:

  • Stakeholder Offering Tier 1 – $199 (+ tax)
  • Stakeholder Offering Tier 2 – $498 (+ tax)
  • Stakeholder Offering Tier 3 – $598 (+ tax)
  • DMO Offering – $998 (+ tax)
  • Add video $350 (+ tax). The ability to embed videos adds a quality enhancement to the new Planner and increases your exposure to the travel trade (conditions apply).

Your business and product must be export-ready to advertise in the Online Travel Trade Planner. For more information and to confirm if you are export-ready, please visit the following link.

For more information about advertising contact Rob Grifone, industrysupport@totabc.com or 250-862-9354

For more information about the Online Travel Trade Planner…

Research Opportunities

Book by February 28 and receive a free report of your choosing.

We say the Power of EQ is only half the equation. When combined with Environics Analytics research, not only can you get a full profile of your target market of your existing customers (in BC, AB, ON and anywhere in the US) mapped to an EQ explorer type, we can tell you market size, projections to the future, media habits both traditional and digital, right down to the postal code level.

  • Baseline Market Reports Bundle: $1,500 (+ tax) – Minimum Program
  • Analysis of your postal codes: $2,500 (+ tax) – Includes Baseline Bundle above, plus your customer profile.
  • Additional Sector or Geographic Reports: $500 (+ tax) each

For more details, and full program information about Environics Analytics Research Program….


If someone in your team should be receiving TOTA marketing opportunities and they are not, please contact Meaghan Racine so that we can update our database.

Yours Kindly Meaghan Racine,
Market Development Specialist
250 860 5999 x 203

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