How sweet it is for college

Okanagan College brands own chocolate

Okanagan College has became the first post-secondary institution outside Europe to brand its own chocolate.

At a tasting event on campus Monday, the college introduced Okanagan Noir, a smooth dark chocolate with intense cocoa flavor and a fruity finish. It also unveiled a signature milk chocolate, Kalamalka Karamel – a solid milk chocolate with a high cocoa content with sweet notes of caramel and a smooth honey finish.

“We named them after the lakes knowing that we may still be developing one or two,” said chef Danny Capadouca. “We wanted to have a theme going with the chocolate.”

The chocolates are being marketed under the name Okanagan College Artisan Chocolate.

The exclusive recipes were created by chefs Capadouca and Bernard Casavant after a visit to the tasting laboratories of Cacao Barry in France.

“I think chocolate goes right in here, we obviously can’t grow chocolate locally so this is the closest thing I could get,” said chef Capadouca.

Capadouca is head instructor for the college’s pastry arts program. Casavant is the college’s culinary manager.

“I’m very proud of our products and would put them up against any good quality chocolate in the marketplace,” said Capadouca.

He and Casavant spent nearly a week in France creating the custom cocoa blends.

“I was very impressed by their process and of course by the end result,” said Cacao Barry representative Mark Pennington. “Okanagan College is breaking gastronomic ground in North America as the first institution of its kind to have its very own recipes.

“It’s a very rare achievement – the college is only the second culinary college in the world to have made its own chocolate.”

The chocolate will be used by students in the pastry arts and culinary arts programs, and will also be available for purchase in the college cafeteria.

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