go2HR’s Industry Health & Safety Specialists Designated to Tourism Regions in BC

Each BC tourism region will now have a designated go2HR Industry Health and Safety Specialist available to assist tourism and hospitality employers with their occupational health and safety needs. Stephanie will be responsible for businesses and employers in the Thompson Okanagan region.

Stephanie Mallalieu and her colleague Mark Gilbert will be available for their specific regions to provide support and act as the go-to contact for help and resources on occupational health and safety and the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. The regions are split in an equitable way to allow the Industry Health and Safety Specialists to best liaise, work, and build relationships with local employers.

Stephanie brings more than 15 years of health and safety experience to the go2HR team, with a particular focus on the food services sector. Her previous roles include health and safety in resort management, and senior positions in food service hygiene and general health and safety.

Stephanie and Mark look forward to promoting and educating employers in their areas on best occupational health and safety practices. Learn more about them at https://www.go2hr.ca/about-us/meet-team.

Contact Stephanie at smallalieu@go2hr.ca, 604 633 9787 ext. 220

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