Second crack at hotel for Kelowna

Developers of a proposed Marriott hotel at the intersection of highway 97 and 33 will be back before council Monday.

City council turned down the initial proposal in June. That proposal showed the two hotel towers set back on the property, with a mass of parking in front along the highways.

Both staff and council rejected that design.

Other developments along the highway either provide building mass along the road, or some form of mitigation such as trees or other landscaping.

The developer has spent the past seven months redesigning the configuration to come more into line with what council wanted to see.

Planning staff is pleased with what they call a compromise proposal. They are recommending council accept this design and issue a development permit for the project.

“We went over a lot of different configurations, and settled on one where a lot of the massing is on the Highway 33 frontage,” said planner Ryan Roycroft.

“The applicant has also done a lot of work to break up the solid mass of parking. The plan has a big berm in the middle and a lot more paths with an emphasis on trees and greenery to break up all the parking.”

He says the new design meets more of the city’s goals around street presence and walkability, while still making sure the hotel can thrive and make a go of it.

While the development still includes two six-storey buildings with about 200 combined rooms, the look has been altered.

“They have opted to go a little bit more with the stone with different shades of grey, as opposed to the first proposal which was more brightly coloured.

“They want to make sure they fit in with what is going on kitty-corner to the site at the Holiday Inn Express.”

Construction will be done in two phases, with the building along Highway 33 going up first.

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