New awards in Kamloops will highlight servers, tourism workers

A new awards ceremony is coming for Kamloops workers, and it’s something to ‘cheers’ about.

Tourism Kamloops is holding a hospitality awards night for workers in the city’s service industry, including pub servers and hotel staff. Spokesperson Monica Dickinson says the Tourism Kamloops Hospitality Awards are intended to be an annual recognition of front line service.

“It really does recognize people who are direct touch points for visitors in our city,” she says. “For us it’s extremely important part of the tourism picture.”

The awards aim to recognize the people doing the actual interaction with visitors and locals. The goal is to encourage staff and businesses to excel when dealing with customers.

“When you look at your experience in any destination, it comes back to the people you meet and interact with,” Dickinson says.

While the local chamber of commerce awards businesses in the tourism industry, it’s not aimed at the front line workers, but more management positions.

Other cities hold similar awards ceremonies, and Dickinson says Kamloops is learning from Calgary’s White Hat Awards in particular.

Nominations are open now to Jan. 27 on the Tourism Kamloops website. The organization will have a selection committee to go through the nominees to choose a short list and winner. Winners will receive an award, and everyone on the shortlist will be invited to the awards night and a Blazers game afterwards on Feb 19.

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