Manic Monday – Hibernation or Highlighting Our Winter?

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Not everyone wants to escape winter with its crisp cold air and the cozy warmth that blankets you as you relax by an outdoor bonfire after a day of snowshoeing adventures.

We learned firsthand through our friends at Southern Queensland Country Tourism in Australia the enormous marketing potential that snow and cold weather can really be.

Whether promoting to visitors from the Lower Mainland, more accustomed to rain in the winter, or speaking to our Alberta and Saskatchewan guests, who find our Thompson Okanagan winters a little milder, there is ample opportunity to create and build the business through this season.

TOTA has never been more serious about uncovering and promoting all of the tourism opportunities that are available throughout this magical season and in assisting our stakeholders in bringing these activities top of mind with our potential guests and visitors.

Winter is not all about hibernation and we want to elevate awareness around special events, unique accommodations and packages, personal learning options and rejuvenation experiences (to name a few) that make our Canadian winters a source of fun.

We can’t do it without you!  If you know of, have participated in, or have your own winter tourism program or package our TOTA team needs to know.  Our Wonder of Winter portal, part of  the Route 97 website, will be linking all winter products free of charge and our Digital Team  will be developing social media outreach to promote these products..

Are we hibernating or are we going to be highlighting Winter in the Thompson Okanagan? The choice is really in the hands of our stakeholders……..your call.


A Few Highlights from this Week’s News Centre…

Wonder of Winter activities come in many shapes and sizes with interesting and unique activities such as the Kamloops film series which starts January 19th and continues every Thursday for 6 weeks (read more); terrific special offers like the $10 Friday nights at Big White (read more); new skiing opportunities in the south part of the region at Mount Baldy (read more);  the Red and White Do-It Exhibition in Salmon Arm taking place January 21st – February 25th (read more); a chance to find some rest and relaxation with a time out at Sparkling Hill (read more); or hone your cooking skills at Predator Ridge Resort (read more) as just a few examples of wonderful winter activities….

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