Manic Monday…and the Clock Struck Midnight….

Midnight Musings from our CEO

There is  something refreshing and uplifting about the start of a New Year.  It is as if the magic stroke of the clock at midnight on December 31st changed everything.

Briefly there is a clean slate,  a new start, a blank page on which words have not yet been written.  It often has us believing that anything is possible; history is miraculous wiped clean and all of the goodness experienced during the holiday season feels as though it might continue on for the 52 weeks ahead.

Would that it were true.  But for a few brief moments there is a feeling of euphoria and an absolute moment of what might only be described as pure hope….notwithstanding that is is quickly followed by reality.

Nothing really changes on January 1st each year but somehow it helps many of us find the encouragement we need to continue on;  promise to be better to ourselves, our family and our friends. It is a time of renewed optimism and re-engaged commitments. It is also a feeling we should not let go of regardless of how fleeting the moment.

In the coming days we will have plenty of opportunity to deal with the many changes and challenges that are afoot for 2017. A new US President will be sworn that simultaneously brings trepidation and hope; our own oil and gas industry continues reeling from lows and highs as pipelines are announced and cancelled; OPEC goes from independence to alliance for no apparent reason and our Canadian dollar rises and falls at the whim of things far greater than most of care to know or understand. War, homelessness, refugees, poverty, illness  and death all await as we start this new trip around the sun….

As I write this first musing for the year my hope for each of you is that you find ways to make the most of your life while making a difference in others and that somehow that tiny piece of hope that arrived with the stroke of midnight on January 1st stays with you throughout the balance of the year as we collectively take on what lay before us.

“From the Year of the Monkey to the Year of the Rooster…”
“A Fun Fact for 2017”

February 8th, 2016 marked the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac. More correctly this year was considered to be the “Fire Monkey”  a combination  which meant adventure, innovation and chaos. A year to take matters into your own hands with confidence and decisiveness..while keeping emotions in check and avoiding hasty decisions.

On January 27th the Chinese calendar will change to the Rooster, as was the case last year governed by Fire and therefore known as the Red Rooster. Predicted to be a year of resolve and achievement. A time to get things done that you may have been postponing, it is time to show off your best work and your best self. An energetic time, with a year that will be full and busy.


From the TOTA Board, CEO Glenn Mandziuk and the entire TOTA Team we hope your holiday season is happy, memorable and safe.  We look forward to working with you in 2017 and hope you will continue to contribute to and read the stories posted in our News Centre at

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All The Very Best for 2017

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