Manic Monday….is it shopping or boxing…

Midnight Musings from our CEO

I can only suppose that if you are reading Manic Monday on this the 26th of December – Boxing Day in Canada – it is because you are done with visiting the relatives, tired of playing with the new toys and gadgets and hoping that you can sit quietly even for a few minutes to catch up on email. Email….it is kind of like whistling or brushing your teeth, in the midst of chaos they say those to things help people find balance and sanity and I suspect in this day and age email serves the same purpose.

Of course it also means that at least for the moment you are NOT joining the throngs of people heading to out to the stores to buy more things.  It is amazing really that after all the retail therapy that has taken place since the lead up to Black Friday, Black Friday itself  and the days that following including what is now known as  Cyber Monday “week”;  millions of people still not only have the urge but the need to do even more shopping.

Where has boxing day gone…..? Historically it was the day that employers gave gifts to their staff…which is a nice way of saying servants and tradesman received gifts from their masters and owners.  When I was growing up it was a time to get together at various friends’ homes for a traditional “open house” after far to many days with relatives! Now the retailers head back to work and consumers do what they do best …consume more.

For me boxing day marks the start of a period of quiet contemplation.  The days between the 26th and the1st are my time to reflect on the past year, consider the future, clean out the files, put things in order and get ready for a new start. It is a moment in the year where is you really let them things can slow down, if only slightly and you can take stock or where you are, what you want and where you are headed.

I hope your Christmas was a happy and memorable one and that the New Year finds you ready for the next big challenge, whatever that maybe. But what I really hope for your on this boxing day holiday is the opportunity for time alone, time to reflect and time out…from shopping!


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