Manic Monday….six more days to shop….or six great days to give

Midnight Musings from our CEO

A short seven days from now most of the holiday festivities will be over.  The presents will be open, the baking eaten, the credit cards together with our waistlines bulging just a bit more than we had planned, and those New Year’s resolutions looming in the future.

But today, December the 19th  all of that is ahead of us. Today we are in the midst of the magic of Christmas; gathering with family and friends; putting work and worry on the back burner; singing songs of good cheer, regaling in lights, parties and peace on earth.

For many of us in the Tourism industry, at least in British Columbia and the Thompson Okanagan,  this has been a good year and one we can sit back and reflect on positively. Hotel occupancy numbers were up, restaurants busier than ever, our farmers had bumper crops that lead to outstanding culinary and wine offerings and the snow is currently falling for our ski industry partners.

But we are also surrounded by many that do not have what we have and at this time of year it is more apparent then ever. The demand on our food banks grows exponentially, seniors and shut-ins face debilitating loneliness and many deserving little people will not be getting their much anticipated Christmas wish from Santa.

Among the many things you do this week and over the holiday season don’t just think about all of those that have so much less, actually take things into your own hands. Take the time,  however little you may have to make the load for someone else a little lighter. It doesn’t have to be complicated or even expensive and it is scientifically proven ( yes it is scientifically proven) that you are healthier and happier giving rather than receiving. In fact why stop at Christmas…imagine the impact if every one of us resolved to do one thing a week for the next year to assist someone in need. Not only would we be improving the lives of others but we would be significantly adding to our own life.

There are a number of businesses that are taking this time to make a positive differences at Christmas and throughout the year, and we encourage you to support them in their efforts.

…remember 6 more shopping days until Christmas or 6 more days to make someone you don’t even know a little happier…


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We also would like to make a special mention of the BCHF and their ongoing strong support providing funding to employees in our industry who are seriously ill and in need of assistance. Our thoughts are with Dustin Klassen and his family as they go through a difficult journey with cancer and thank all those that help the BCHF in their ongoing fundraising efforts (read more).

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