Manic Monday – Trumped Up, Trickle Down, Tourism Uptick….for Canada?

Midnight Musings from Our CEO

While the US election results are fresh in everyone’s mind and there are clearly supporters (hard to find; although he did win) and non supporters (seemingly everywhere); it is Canada that may be in for a real surprise in the form of a tourism uptick as a result.

Whether concern over personal safety, increased border security, civil unrest or just a general sense of unease there is evidence starting to mount that international and domestic travelers may be thinking there has never been a better time to visit Canada. Recently at Canada’s West Marketplace held in Jasper, Alberta, one of the European operators noted that the day after the US election he saw 49 cancellations for trips into the US with all re-booking for Canada. With Mexican/ Canada visa issues resolved and the Mexican / US relations somewhat strained we can also expect to see a strong growth in tourism from our neighbors to the far south.

2017 is anticipated to be a good year regardless of politics, with Canada’s position in the world bolstered by our tremendous products and remarkable people…and our continent hopping Prime Minister is certainly enhancing our image abroad.  Layering on all of this is the recent Lonely Planet recommendation of Canada as #1 choice to visit for the coming year as we celebrate our 150 Birthday….

So as the US Trumps Up here in Canada we will Buckle Up and brace for a memorable and outstanding year in tourism for all of our provinces, regions and stakeholders…..

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