Jasmine Rempel presents an art exhibition Here Comes the Sun

Artist Jasmine Rempel presents an art exhibition
Here Comes the Sun
Nov. 23 – Dec. 17, 2016
KAC Main Gallery at the Old Courthouse

(In KAC Hallway Gallery artist Sarah Sondergaard will be exhibiting nature themed impressions in acrylic.)

Local artist Jasmine Rempel inspires sun and warmth with her flowers and abstract garden views in acrylics.

“I love to paint! When I paint I feel in my element. I love to explore what acrylics can offer. I paint because it gives me and others joy.”  -Jasmine

The theme of this exhibit , Here Comes the Sun, was inspired by my favourite Beetle’s song. I chose it as a reminder that in the midst of a winter time in our lives, the sun will shine again and the flowers will bloom. The winters of our lives can feel long and cold, but the promise of spring is a sure thing. The flowers will return and grow again. In the meantime it is my hope that you enjoy the images of them I have created with my brush and canvas.

“Some of my favourite paintings have happened in a moment of abandon. The paint finds its way. The marks made give energy, interest and feeling. Carefully contrived works have beauty, but lately my goal is to push limits to see what is possible.” -Jasmine

Jasmine Rempel lives and works in Kamloops, BC.  She works predominantly in the medium of painting and drawing and is an elementary school teacher.  She currently holds a degree in visual arts and history and a degree in education from Vancouver Island University.  She has taught art classes for children for many years at The Old Schoolhouse Centre, in Qualicum Beach, and more recently at Beattie School of the Arts in Kamloops.  She has shown her art at the Art Exposed Exhibition in Kamloops and many of her paintings are owned by various art appreciators throughout Canada.  Jasmine is influenced by artists with a painterly approach, including Soraya French, an Iranian artist known for her vivid use of colour in acrylic and semi-abstract style.  Thus, she is lately exploring a variety of techniques, such as painting with a palette knife and using transparent glazes to ‘loosen up’ and create more exciting and dynamic effects in her art.

What: Here Comes the Sun – an art exhibition by Jasmine Rempel in the KAC Main Gallery and an art exhibition by Sarah Sondergaard of nature themed impressions in acrylic in the KAC Hallway Gallery.

When: Exhibit runs Wednesday, November 23 to Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gallery Hours: Tues-Fri 10-5 | Sat 10-4

Where: Kamloops Arts Council Main Gallery, Old Courthouse Cultural Centre (7 Seymour Street West, Kamloops)

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