Record guests at fall event

Music, laughter and wine filled the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre during the final fall festival weekend in the Okanagan.

An event like none other, Cropped brings together 26 farmers, market vendors and 70 wineries from up and down the valley for a sensory and visual experience.

Blair Baldwin with the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society says close to 2000 people attended over the two day event.

“It shows people do want an authentic event and to turn a wine tasting into an opportunity to see the wine harvest going on and there is just amazing vendors here from maple syrup vendors to furniture makers,” explained Baldwin.

Cropped is designed to be an indoor-style farmers market that showcases the best of the best of the Okanagan.

“We had been trying to think of a wine to do a farmers market and a wine tasting for sometime, but our thoughts were generally outdoors, and those were more of a challenge,” said Baldwin. “Then it occurred to us we need to break the paradigm. We don’t need to have a farmers market outdoors, you can bring it indoors.”

Guests at the event could enjoy everything from a cheese seminar, to local tapas, to a pinot bar.

Many said while wine tasting was the best part of Cropped, the food and friendly atmosphere weren’t ranked far behind.

Cropped, the final event, held on Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up the 36th annual Fall Okanagan Wine Festival.

Baldwin says the festival’s signature events sold out across the valley this year.

“We have about 100 to 110 events from restaurants to wineries to grape stomps, epicurean dinners, all of which have done incredibly well,” he said.

“It will take a few weeks to gather all the information but all signs are pointing to a record attendance and a record volume here in the Okanagan of wine tourists from around the world.”

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