Now you can link your ‘out of office’ email with your Instagram account… to make your colleagues

It’s annoying enough when you get someone’s automatic out-of-office reply.

First, you can’t reach them, and second, they’ve swanned off on holiday and you are probably stuck at work.

But now Qantas airlines has upped the ante with a service that allows smug travellers to link their out-of-office response to their Instagram accounts, and thus flaunt their exotic snapshots.

It’s as simple as heading to their site, connecting your Instagram account with your email address and providing your destination and travel dates.

Next time your poor deprived colleagues get your out-of-office, an array of your holiday snaps will fire back to their inbox.

The service, launched today, allows you to select the images you do – or perhaps more importantly do not – want to be used, by tagging designated photos with #qantasoutofoffice.

Qantas Group Executive Brand, Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Olivia Wirth, said, diplomatically, that the airline hoped this would inspire more colleagues, friends and family to travel the world.

‘The traditional out of office message can be both generic and impersonal in nature and from our research, sixty percent of employees say they appreciate receiving something more creative,’ she said.

‘Whether it’s a snap of a traveller relaxing under a palm tree in the Whitsundays or sampling dumplings in Hong Kong, the images will create travel envy and travel aspirations.’


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