Winter is coming, are you ready?

Wonder of Winter program

Have a great winter product that you want us to promote?  We are in the process of launching our Wonder of Winter program designed to make sure visitors consider the Thompson Okanagan as a destination for the cooler months.

Whether you’re a DMO or a business operator, we want to know what’s going on for winter! What are the experiences that visitors should know about?  Whether it be a new product or a lasting iconic one, let us know! Winter is approaching quickly, so please submit a response as soon as possible. 

How you can be involved?

1. Complete the following survey! Winter Inventory

Inventory of Winter Product: We are undertaking a stakeholder survey to inventory what winter product we have in region. We  encourage ALL stakeholders to participate so we can have a true representation of all winter product in region. This short survey (6 questions) will assist us in knowing more about where our winter products are located and what is on offer for guests in our region.

2. B-roll and still photography required! Do you have B-roll and still photography of winter activities that we can utilize? Our digital team are wanting to compose a great regional video which can then be shared on our Route 97 channels as well as at various events we are attending in the coming months. Deadline for submissions – September 14

3. Remarkable Experiences: We are still looking for participants in the Remarkable Experiences program –  This Destination BC workshop and training program was piloted last year and now will be re-launched In the Thompson Okanagan in October focusing on winter tourism products.  There are three separate workshop sessions over four days plus five hours of one on one training. Participants will be assisted in designing a winter offering that is truly remarkable; ensuring their website and social media is reaching intended markets; and how to encourage guests both during and after their experience to promote the experience on their own online social channels. Click here for more information.

4. Digital, Social Media and Blog
– Our digital team will be actively working to create online video, blog and social media posts that focus on regional winter products. Reach out to our team to let us know if you have a winter experience they can bring to life on our social media channels.

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