Manic Monday – From Summer to Harvest…

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Even without a calendar, the changing of seasons presents itself in so many striking ways. No matter how long the summer heat lingers over the coming weeks, there is always a point (for me, it’s usually around August 15), when everything changes. The shift of season begins and the days get noticeably shorter; sunrise starts a little later each day, sunset a little sooner. Even the slant of the afternoon sun creates an almost-melancholic filter, and no matter how hot the days may be, dawn and dusk bring a distinct chill to the air.

The transition from summer to fall has always been an appealing time of year for me. The childhood chaos of endless summer weeks dissipates as the season draws to a close. The freedom that comes without deadlines or responsibilities gets reigned in as September heralds in and “normality” returns.

For those of us in tourism, summer months bring all of that chaos and more. We often miss much of what the region has to offer as we surrender our July and August to ensuring we fulfil the dreams of our guests and visitors. It can often be the time that annual revenue expectations are met or exceeded. It can be a long year if peak season doesn’t perform, so we keep our heads down and stay focused as the fun of summer swirls around.

While September continues to be an ever popular time for travel to the region, fall brings with it a change of perspective. One that allows us to take a breath, look up from work, and embrace the beauty and bounty of this amazing region we call home.

If you find yourself with these precious moments of downtime, there are a multitude of amazing Harvest events to enjoy…


A Few Highlights From This Weeks News Centre

Thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s 25th Anniversary TOTA Golf Tournament. Special thanks to the Bear Golf Course and all of our many sponsors without which this tournament would not be possible.

If you have any photos you would like to share from last Thursdays Tournament please post then to our facebook site…


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