Our Future City

A conference designed to look at future growth and the direction of the Okanagan will be held next month in Kelowna.

The conference, being put on by the Urban Development Institute, is titled Our Future City.

“We wanted to put something on that would help spark the conversation around some of the important decisions our community will have to make and some of the key topics and issues that will have to be grappled with,” said UDI president Andrew Gaucher.

“The hope is that we can help to catalyze some interesting and thoughtful conversation around some of these important issues as well as explore potential solutions and directions to take.”

The conference, Sept. 9 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, will feature a keynote address from Cameron Uganec, a senior director at Hootsuite.

He will speak on the rapid technological change shaping cities and opportunities this offers to both Kelowna and the Valley.

Other topics of discussion include:

  • Future architectural styles in the Okanagan
  • Leading Edge Initiatives coming out of the University of British Columbia and Okanagan College
  • Future approaches to building cities, communities and homes
  • Improving community health and sustainability by incorporating active living and local food production into our living spaces
  • Demographic shifts and the future of retirement housing needs in the Okanagan
  • Density and its implications around housing affordability, market demand, transportation and parking considerations.

Tickets are $100. Click here for ticket and conference information.

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