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Learn how getting your business winter-ready will lead to a smoother summer 2017.

Feel like the cold weather is still a long way away? It’s not as far as you think. Don’t wait till your summer staff heads back to school – now is the best time to plan your fall/winter recruiting. This preparation also plays a key role in helping you prepare for next summer’s busy season too. After all, it’s never too early to plan ahead and secure the best summer staff first. Join us for a FREE webinar  on Wednesday, August 3 (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT) on how to mitigate seasonal staff shortages year round.

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In the webinar, Mobilize Jobs program manager Benjamin Guth will show you how to successfully find and have the seasonal staff you need:

  1. Implementing long-term labour planning vs. reactive recruitment in September
    • Thoughtful Planning 101
    • Motivating workers through the long winter season
    • Differences with summer worker incentives
    • Rules for success for working with a new recruitment source
  2. Managing the seasonal transitions
  3. Turnover issues
    • Too student heavy
    • Turnover cost calculator
  4. Seasonal labour resources
  5. Seasonal trends with hiring Canadian millennials
  6. TFW Program updates that impact the winter season

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