Mount Baldy sale closes

The sale of Baldy Mountain Resort closed today (July 28).

Joey O’Brien, managing director for Baldy Mountain Resort, has assumed full responsibility for the Mount Baldy assets and operation on behalf of a group of investors.

O’Brien, a passionate lifetime skier, is originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia and now resides in Canmore, Alberta.

He is a second-generation ski-resort developer as he purchased his first resort in 1979, at the age of 19, from his father who started ski resorts back in 1949.

O’Brien has found nothing more enjoyable to do since, and has been tagged with the nickname “Snowy Joey”.

The ski area will be his third resort revitalization.

“We are very pleased to announce that the Mount Baldy Resort is finally in the hands of a qualified purchaser who can begin to bring it back to full operation this year and lay a solid foundation for a thriving sustainable Resort for the community,” said Gary Powroznik, managing director of G‐Force Group.

“We truly hope that the new owners and management can forge a close working relationship with the communities the resort serves to fully capture Mount Baldy’s beauty and unique attributes, so that it can reach its full potential for the enjoyment of all who can experience this. We sense from the many contacts we have made over the past two years that many people in the local communities are ready to help make this vision a true reality.”

“While the remaining legal matters were being dealt with for the final closing, we have been busy preparing plans to implement with a running start once the closing was completed. Now we are here, and away we go,” said O’Brien.

“We will be posting details of our activities and priorities on our website regularly.”

At nearly 5,700 feet, the Baldy Mountain Resort boasts one of the highest base elevations, the most sunshine and the lightest powder of any ski resort in the Okanagan.

For more information on the receivership, click here. 

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