Featured Co Operative Marketing Reserved Pool Opportunity – July 27, 2016

Route 97 Touring Program - Just Launched.

Route 97 Cooperative Marketing Opportunity

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association in partnership with the North Central Washington Economic Development District announce 2016/17 Cooperative Advertising Opportunities for Businesses and Communities.

If you would like your own web page for your business or community on the Route97.net website or want to be in the 2017 print guide check out the options for the Route 97 Cooperative Marketing program. Details online Route 97 Touring Program http://www.totabc.org/corporateSite/marketing/route-97/

Book your space on Route97.net NOW or bundle with the 2017 Print Map guide

Digital Only

Have your own webpage Route 97.net and be part of our digital strategy.

Digital and Print Bundle

Includes the digital plan plus the print guide – you choose your display ad size.

For more information and to book your space, please contact Meaghan Racine at 250-860-5999 ext 203 or cell phone 250-718-6256 or email marketing@totabc.com

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